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To personalise your kitchen sideboard, walk in shower, hammam, swimming pool and walls or your bathroom floor, we offers you a large range of curly strips in glass mosaic.

Delivery by Colissimo International:
Europe 4-5 days
Other countries upon request


We offer our clients, architects, interior decorators, designers but also individuals a wide range of curl listel border glass mosaic. Leave room for your creativity and make your tiled kitchen, walk-in shower, bathroom floors and walls according to your tastes and colors.
Glass mosaic has the particularity to offer variations in many colors, shapes, features and finishes.
Curl or listel glass mosaic can be used indoors in dry rooms as well as wet bathrooms, walk-in shower, tiled kitchen, hammam, pool, spa, toilets, basins, kitchen slabs, pan tile, bathtub floors....
Our products are also used outside. Border in glass mosaic has the feature to restore light and emphasise on the space and gives an impression of depth.
Moreover, it is very hygienic and easy to clean and water resistant.

Dimensions of each tile: different sizes
Dimensions of curl: 2,362 x 11,811 inch 
Thickness: 0,236 inch
Slab Prices.

Curl listel glass mosaic composition:
Each mosaic glass tile is glued with a strong adhesive on a nylon frame. This forms a large slab and will facilitate the installation of curl border glass mosaic.

Application and Implementation:
Mosaic tiles stainless cut the grinder with diamond disk or metals.
The nylon frame is very easily cut with a cutter or scissors.
Laying the curl border in glass mosaic is done in two steps:
The first step is to glue the listel glass mosaic floor as wall tiles or as traditional earthenware. With the same glue and tools.
The second step is to make joints between stainless steel mosaic tiles with adhesive waterproofing cement seal, that will make your floor or wall watertight.

Cleaning and Maintainance:
The maintenance of the listel glass mosaic means that one has to clean the tiles with a common household product or a damp cloth.
You can also use mild neutral detergent or glass cleaner.
Do not use cleaners which are too abrasive, corrosive, acidic or metallic brushes and sponges.

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2,36 in
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6 mm
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