Glass mosaic

Discover our large selection of glass mosaics in kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles.

Glass mosaic is as timeless as it is versatile. It is very trendy and lends itself to all styles of decoration, in bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles. Discover our glass mosaic collection with a wide choice of shapes, colors and finishes.

Different finishes for a glass mosaic

Translucent glass mosaic is one of the best choices for interior tiling. It is elegant for both a kitchen and a bathroom. In the shower, it gives a magical effect, especially if you opt for bright colors. The most interesting thing in this case is to mix different colors.

Then, glass mosaic with mirror effect is very trendy. This is the height of elegance for bathroom tiling. You can cover the entire wall, the inside of the walk-in shower or the apron of a bathtub. It reflects light beautifully for a radiant effect.

But you can also take the matte effect glass mosaic. This model is preferably used for kitchen tiling. It is suitable for the kitchen splashback and the wall. Furthermore, matte tiles are also suitable for the shower floor. Additionally, you can order non-slip versions.

Different shapes and colors for a glass mosaic

We offer different colors of glass mosaics. There is of course transparent glass. But, you also have other colored mosaics like pink, green, blue, orange, etc. Some tile slabs mix several colors for a more sparkling style.

Furthermore, there are many shapes to choose from when it comes to glass mosaic. Examples include squares or rectangles aligned in brick, as well as irregular mosaics for a more unique appearance. It is also possible to choose the assembly of circles, or even bathroom mosaic which imitates pebbles.

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