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Our range of mosaic tiles are especially designed for your bathrooms, tiled kitchens and Italian showers, spas...

There is a huge variety of mosaic tiles available.

You will find them in glass, stainless steel, aluminum, pearl, stone or wood with infinite colors and finishes, gloss, matt finish, brushed, mirror, hammered ...

Mix and match your walls and shower floors, bathrooms and sideboard with your own taste.


  • Stainless steel mosaic

    The mosaic in stainless steel is used by architects, interior decorators and designers.

    More often in the residential areas, precisely in bathrooms, kitchen sideboards, tiled shower walls. One finds them in professional environments as well like hotel kitchens, spas and entertainment venues.

    Mosaic in stainless steel is mounted indoors as well as outdoors.

    There are various shapes and dimensions in tiles.

    The finishing is generally brushed, but also shiny, mirored and hammered.

  • Aluminium mosaic

    Mosaic in aluminium gives an exceptional look to your room.

    Aluminium is used more and more by designers, architects, decorators, for its contemporary touch.

    It is resistant to wear and indentation, it is water repellent and flame retardant.

    It is also very aesthetic, due to sending the light which allows it to brighten a room, all the while remaining in metallic shades.

    With a mosaic in aluminium, you can create all sorts of works like: a walk-in shower, bathroom floor, kitchen sideboards, a baseboard, a shower stall to be tiled.

  • Glass mosaic

    Discover our large selection of glass mosaics in kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles.

    Glass mosaic is as timeless as it is versatile. It is very trendy and lends itself to all styles of decoration, in bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles. Discover our glass mosaic collection with a wide choice of shapes, colors and finishes.

    Different finishes for a glass mosaic

    Translucent glass mosaic is one of the best choices for interior tiling. It is elegant for both a kitchen and a bathroom. In the shower, it gives a magical effect, especially if you opt for bright colors. The most interesting thing in this case is to mix different colors.

    Then, glass mosaic with mirror effect is very trendy. This is the height of elegance for bathroom tiling. You can cover the entire wall, the inside of the walk-in shower or the apron of a bathtub. It reflects light beautifully for a radiant effect.

    But you can also take the matte effect glass mosaic. This model is preferably used for kitchen tiling. It is suitable for the kitchen splashback and the wall. Furthermore, matte tiles are also suitable for the shower floor. Additionally, you can order non-slip versions.

    Different shapes and colors for a glass mosaic

    We offer different colors of glass mosaics. There is of course transparent glass. But, you also have other colored mosaics like pink, green, blue, orange, etc. Some tile slabs mix several colors for a more sparkling style.

    Furthermore, there are many shapes to choose from when it comes to glass mosaic. Examples include squares or rectangles aligned in brick, as well as irregular mosaics for a more unique appearance. It is also possible to choose the assembly of circles, or even bathroom mosaic which imitates pebbles.

  • Glass tiles

    The glass tiles are ideal for you bathroom walls, shower walls or kitchen sideboards.

    The glass wil bring a luminous effect and neat lines to your room.

    The glass tiles generally have a bright finish.

    The size of these tiles measure 10x10, 20x20, 10x30 and 15x30cm. They are available in several colors.

  • Wood mosaic

    The latest trend is wood mosaic.

    Natural and relaxing atmosphere guaranteed.

    The color of the wooden mosaic varies according to the wooden essence.

    It can be mounted on the floor only inside, in all your dry rooms and maybe in your moist rooms.

  • Mother of pearl mosaic

    Mosaic in mother of pearl is used more and more in your water rooms.

    Mosaic in mother of pearl is manufactured from natural resources.

    Each tile or tesela is a unique item.

    Its reflections, brightness, its iridescent aspect will give a delicate and a soothing to your decoration.

    With mother of pearl, make the inside of your shoewers, floors, bathroom walls and why not your spa or hammam.

  • Stone mosaic

    Mosaic in natural stones or marble has known a big success since several years.

    With this stone you could make walk-in shower floors, bathroom walls, a hammam.

    Outdoors you could make a garden alley, a terrace.

    Mosaic in stone will bring a rustic, natrual and soothing atmosphere to your bathroom.

    There is a big variety of stone colors, formats for tiles and finishings.

  • Molten glass mosaic

    Whether you are an individual or a professional, you may need a glass paste mosaic as a kitchen tile or bathroom tile. You can use it in a bathroom or kitchen. It comes in several colors and in various finishes. As examples of colors available, we have superb shades of black, white, purple, pink, blue and green. Regarding the finish, we offer iridescent, matte, translucent, metallic, marbled, pearly models... Glass paste mosaics often have small tiles of less than 2.5 cm. This type of bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles is very durable. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the splashback that suits you best. You can buy kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles at a very reasonable price. Do not hesitate to make an appointment to come and discover our rom show: you will see all our bathroom and kitchen mosaics and you will be able to obtain samples. You can also collect your order there. Many products in stock are at your disposal. is also the ideal site if you are looking for a bathroom mosaic for your shower walls. Opt for bathroom tiles in the colors of your choice. Create a kitchen splashback according to your taste in order to highlight your interior decoration. Select the best kitchen tile that you like from the many kitchen tile models that we offer. A wide range of glass paste mosaics awaits you. Your kitchen and bathroom will have style and elegance. Choose between purple or white “Speculo” models. Select the “Plaza” models in ocher, linen, green, emerald… Turn to the “Imperial” models in white, black, Persian, jade, pink, blue, petrol… You will have no trouble finding this what you need, whether you are a professional or an individual. The quality of each model offered is assured. Our glass paste mosaics are compatible with all kinds of kitchens and bathrooms, including an Italian shower for example.

  • glass and stone mosaic

    The matching of glass and stone in mosaic will give a very aesthetic and original result.

    There is a vast variety of colors for stone and glass which allows to make a number of combinations.

    Very much used to tile the floor of a shower stall, bathroom walls or even kitchen sideboards.

    The stone gives the mosaic a non slippery quality and the glass brings in transparency and depth to the coating.

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