Our range of mosaic tiles are especially designed for your bathrooms, tiled kitchens and Italian showers, spas...

There is a huge variety of mosaic tiles available.

You will find them in glass, stainless steel, aluminum, pearl, stone or wood with infinite colors and finishes, gloss, matt finish, brushed, mirror, hammered ...

Mix and match your walls and shower floors, bathrooms and sideboard with your own taste.


  • Stainless steel mosaic

    A wide choice of stainless steel mosaics in colors matching your desire for modernity


    These days, many people choose metal for kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, and for good reason. It is a modern, trendy material that fits perfectly into any home. If you are looking for the traditional gray, as well as other colors that will add a little spice to your interior design. Browse our selection and find the perfect one for your space.

    Tiles for trendy decoration

    Stainless steel mosaic is perfect for furnishing your home in an industrial or contemporary style. It fits very well in the kitchen in place of the kitchen splashback and on the walls. The same goes for bathroom mosaics. It reflects light in a small shower to create space.

    Stainless steel tiling allows for great personalization of your interior. You can choose a solid color or a mix of colors. You have the possibility to choose models in metallic gray color, or tinted in gold, copper, blue, etc.

    In addition, bathroom and kitchen tiling comes in regular shapes for a classic decoration: square or rectangle. You can also take plates with original geometric shapes such as diamonds, honeycombs, circles, etc. Then there is irregular tiling with a mix of shapes, textures and colors.

    The metal finish also gives a lot of freedom for the imagination. We have brushed, matte and vitreous stainless steel tiles. Your choice will depend on the style you want to bring to your decoration.

    The advantages of a stainless steel mosaic

    Stainless steel mosaic is perfect for kitchen and bathroom tiling. And for good reason, this material is resistant to humidity. It is easy to maintain and does not fear stains or scratches. If you want a mosaic for the bathroom floor, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from non-slip tiles.

  • Aluminium mosaic

    Aluminum tiles used as kitchen tiles and kitchen splashbacks represent a remarkable innovation in the world of interior design and architecture, merging contemporary aesthetics and technical functionality. This material, resulting from the alliance of modernity and practicality, offers an attractive alternative to traditional covering options such as ceramic, sandstone or natural stone.

    With a metallic shine and smooth texture, aluminum kitchen and bathroom tiles bring a resolutely modern and industrial touch to any space. It stands out for its clean appearance and sophisticated shine, capable of capturing and reflecting light in a unique way, thus energizing the ambiance of the room. This characteristic makes it particularly suitable for spaces looking for a minimalist, high-tech or even futuristic style.

    In terms of durability, aluminum is known for its resistance to corrosion and moisture, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, or even outdoor spaces. Its ability to resist water and not tarnish over time ensures appreciable longevity and ease of maintenance. In addition, aluminum is a lightweight material, which facilitates its installation and handling, while offering great mechanical resistance.

    Another significant advantage of aluminum tiles is its ecological nature. Aluminum is a fully recyclable material, thus reducing the ecological footprint of construction or renovation projects. By choosing this type of kitchen and kitchen tiles, consumers and designers are taking a step towards environmental sustainability, without compromising aesthetic quality or functionality.

    In design, aluminum kitchen tiles can be used alone for a full metallic effect or combined with other materials such as glass, wood or natural stone to create interesting contrasts and visually dynamic compositions. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes, from matte to glossy, they offer immense flexibility in creating custom designs.

    In conclusion, aluminum tiles are an innovative bathroom flooring and wall tiling option, combining modern aesthetics, strength and durability, while aligning with the principles of sustainable construction. It represents an avant-garde choice for designers and homeowners looking to give a unique and contemporary touch to their space, while contributing to the preservation of the environment.

  • Glass mosaic

    Discover our large selection of glass mosaics in kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles.

    Glass mosaic is as timeless as it is versatile. It is very trendy and lends itself to all styles of decoration, in bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles. Discover our glass mosaic collection with a wide choice of shapes, colors and finishes.

    Different finishes for a glass mosaic

    Translucent glass mosaic is one of the best choices for interior tiling. It is elegant for both a kitchen and a bathroom. In the shower, it gives a magical effect, especially if you opt for bright colors. The most interesting thing in this case is to mix different colors.

    Then, glass mosaic with mirror effect is very trendy. This is the height of elegance for bathroom tiling. You can cover the entire wall, the inside of the walk-in shower or the apron of a bathtub. It reflects light beautifully for a radiant effect.

    But you can also take the matte effect glass mosaic. This model is preferably used for kitchen tiling. It is suitable for the kitchen splashback and the wall. Furthermore, matte tiles are also suitable for the shower floor. Additionally, you can order non-slip versions.

    Different shapes and colors for a glass mosaic

    We offer different colors of glass mosaics. There is of course transparent glass. But, you also have other colored mosaics like pink, green, blue, orange, etc. Some tile slabs mix several colors for a more sparkling style.

    Furthermore, there are many shapes to choose from when it comes to glass mosaic. Examples include squares or rectangles aligned in brick, as well as irregular mosaics for a more unique appearance. It is also possible to choose the assembly of circles, or even bathroom mosaic which imitates pebbles.

  • Glass tiles

    The glass tiles are ideal for you bathroom walls, shower walls or kitchen sideboards.

    The glass wil bring a luminous effect and neat lines to your room.

    The glass tiles generally have a bright finish.

    The size of these tiles measure 10x10, 20x20, 10x30 and 15x30cm. They are available in several colors.

  • Wood mosaic

    The latest trend is wood mosaic.

    Natural and relaxing atmosphere guaranteed.

    The color of the wooden mosaic varies according to the wooden essence.

    It can be mounted on the floor only inside, in all your dry rooms and maybe in your moist rooms.

  • Mother of pearl mosaic

    Mother-of-pearl bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles, an elegant fusion of nature and design, embody timeless grace and subtle sophistication. Each tile, like a fragment of the crystallized ocean, tells an age-old story, conveyed by mother-of-pearl, this noble and mysterious material, from the sea depths.

    Mother-of-pearl, also known as "mother of pearl", is a unique organic substance produced by certain molluscs as a defense against intruders and parasites. This slow and meticulous process gives rise to a material with iridescent reflections and a shimmering texture, capturing light and diffusing it in a kaleidoscope of soft colors.

    When used as bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles, mother-of-pearl transcends its initial function. It becomes a luxurious decorative element, bringing a touch of natural elegance and refinement to any space. Mother of pearl tiles are often used to create dazzling mosaics in bathrooms, kitchens, and sometimes as decorative accents in living spaces. They are particularly appreciated for their ability to transform natural or artificial light into a soft and enveloping atmosphere.

    The installation of mother-of-pearl kitchen and bathroom tiles requires meticulous attention. Each tile is unique, with its own shades and patterns. It requires an expert eye to harmonize the pieces, ensuring a fluid and natural transition that highlights the intrinsic beauty of mother-of-pearl. Additionally, being a natural material, mother-of-pearl is delicate. It therefore requires careful maintenance to maintain its shine and splendor.

    Mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles are more than just an aesthetic choice; it represents a commitment to natural beauty and sustainability. By choosing this material, we are taking a step towards a design that respects and enhances the treasures of the sea, while bringing a touch of luxury and sophistication to our daily environment.

    In conclusion, mother-of-pearl tiles are a testament to natural beauty, transforming ordinary spaces into sanctuaries of serenity and elegance. It is a bridge between the majesty of nature and the refinement of the human habitat, a celebration of natural luxury.

  • Stone mosaic

    Stone mosaic tiles: design and decoration in the spotlight


    Stone tiling has become, these days, a major asset for your decoration, whether interior or exterior. It can enhance your different corners, your bathroom, your kitchen, or give a look and a touch of freshness to the hall of your home. For fans of original decorations, this stone mosaic can even be harmoniously inlaid as kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles. This decorative art, one of the oldest and most aesthetic, allows you to give unique and attractive aspects to your home. With its increasingly common use, stone mosaic has established itself in upscale and luxurious homes with all its variants in stone, marble and in different colors and shapes.


    A stone mosaic for all surfaces


    For your coverings and interior finishes, don't miss this opportunity to enhance the different parts of the house. You can therefore opt for a bathroom mosaic that blends perfectly with its furniture and flooring. Likewise, you have the opportunity to use it as bathroom tiles and bathroom earthenware in order to benefit from its multiple advantages. Stone mosaic is an excellent solution for a non-slip Italian shower. The bathroom mosaic can serve as a very effective way to add design to your hammam. But not only. It is also a very reliable option for making your space raw, relaxing and natural. In addition to the aesthetics provided by this mosaic bathroom tile, you also benefit from durable, non-slip and moisture and water resistant surfaces.


    Elegant and durable renderings


    To benefit from the quality of this stone mosaic, the ideal would be to use it homogeneously throughout your home. You therefore have the possibility of using it as kitchen tiles to dress your kitchen splashback, decorate a wall in the room or combine it with other decorative designs. It is a reliable mosaic suitable for many spaces such as spas, swimming pools, garden paths and as kitchen tiles and hood backgrounds. Bring your different imaginations and decorative creations to life using refined, high-quality mosaics.


    Personalized customer service


    To place an order, you can contact our Sygma Group online store. Professionals or individuals, you can benefit from support adapted to your expectations. In addition to our personalized service, we offer visits to our show room to take a closer look at your choices. Sygma group also offers the shipping of samples for its customers anywhere in the world. Enjoy quality products at unbeatable prices and the most reliable service.

  • Molten glass mosaic

    Whether you are an individual or a professional, you may need a glass paste mosaic as a kitchen tile or bathroom tile. You can use it in a bathroom or kitchen. It comes in several colors and in various finishes. As examples of colors available, we have superb shades of black, white, purple, pink, blue and green. Regarding the finish, we offer iridescent, matte, translucent, metallic, marbled, pearly models... Glass paste mosaics often have small tiles of less than 2.5 cm. This type of bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles is very durable. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the splashback that suits you best. You can buy kitchen tiles or bathroom tiles at a very reasonable price. Do not hesitate to make an appointment to come and discover our rom show: you will see all our bathroom and kitchen mosaics and you will be able to obtain samples. You can also collect your order there. Many products in stock are at your disposal. is also the ideal site if you are looking for a bathroom mosaic for your shower walls. Opt for bathroom tiles in the colors of your choice. Create a kitchen splashback according to your taste in order to highlight your interior decoration. Select the best kitchen tile that you like from the many kitchen tile models that we offer. A wide range of glass paste mosaics awaits you. Your kitchen and bathroom will have style and elegance. Choose between purple or white “Speculo” models. Select the “Plaza” models in ocher, linen, green, emerald… Turn to the “Imperial” models in white, black, Persian, jade, pink, blue, petrol… You will have no trouble finding this what you need, whether you are a professional or an individual. The quality of each model offered is assured. Our glass paste mosaics are compatible with all kinds of kitchens and bathrooms, including an Italian shower for example.

  • glass and stone mosaic

    The matching of glass and stone in mosaic will give a very aesthetic and original result.

    There is a vast variety of colors for stone and glass which allows to make a number of combinations.

    Very much used to tile the floor of a shower stall, bathroom walls or even kitchen sideboards.

    The stone gives the mosaic a non slippery quality and the glass brings in transparency and depth to the coating.

  • pebble tiles

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