Stainless steel mosaic

A wide choice of stainless steel mosaics in colors matching your desire for modernity


These days, many people choose metal for kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, and for good reason. It is a modern, trendy material that fits perfectly into any home. If you are looking for the traditional gray, as well as other colors that will add a little spice to your interior design. Browse our selection and find the perfect one for your space.

Tiles for trendy decoration

Stainless steel mosaic is perfect for furnishing your home in an industrial or contemporary style. It fits very well in the kitchen in place of the kitchen splashback and on the walls. The same goes for bathroom mosaics. It reflects light in a small shower to create space.

Stainless steel tiling allows for great personalization of your interior. You can choose a solid color or a mix of colors. You have the possibility to choose models in metallic gray color, or tinted in gold, copper, blue, etc.

In addition, bathroom and kitchen tiling comes in regular shapes for a classic decoration: square or rectangle. You can also take plates with original geometric shapes such as diamonds, honeycombs, circles, etc. Then there is irregular tiling with a mix of shapes, textures and colors.

The metal finish also gives a lot of freedom for the imagination. We have brushed, matte and vitreous stainless steel tiles. Your choice will depend on the style you want to bring to your decoration.

The advantages of a stainless steel mosaic

Stainless steel mosaic is perfect for kitchen and bathroom tiling. And for good reason, this material is resistant to humidity. It is easy to maintain and does not fear stains or scratches. If you want a mosaic for the bathroom floor, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from non-slip tiles.

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