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    Our range of mosaic tiles are especially designed for your bathrooms, tiled kitchens and Italian showers, spas...

    There is a huge variety of mosaic tiles available.

    You will find them in glass, stainless steel, aluminum, pearl, stone or wood with infinite colors and finishes, gloss, matt finish, brushed, mirror, hammered ...

    Mix and match your walls and shower floors, bathrooms and sideboard with your own taste.

  • Curled listels mosaic

    The strips and tile friezes are ideal for a decorative effect and a reminder of your shower floor or bath, steam room, tiled kitchen, spa.

    We offer you a number of shapes, colors and materials, stainless steel, glass, stone, pearl, aluminum ...

    You could also use the to add on to your tiled kitchen or mark a sill door.

    The listels and the curls will perfectly cover your bathroom and shower.

  • samples

    Welcome to our selection of mosaic tile samples, where art meets functionality to transform your spaces into kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles. Each sample in our collection is carefully selected to offer you a glimpse of the beauty and quality of our products.

    Classic Glass Paste Mosaic: Discover timeless elegance with our range of glass paste mosaics. Each sample reflects light in a unique way, offering subtle nuances and vibrant highlights. Perfect for contemporary kitchens, vibrant bathrooms or modern showers.

    Natural Stone Mosaic: Embrace the raw beauty of nature with our natural stone samples. Each piece is unique, featuring distinct textures and patterns, ranging from elegant marble to sturdy granite. Ideal for floor coverings or walls looking for a touch of authenticity.

    Aluminum and Steel Metal Mosaic: For those looking for a futuristic look, our aluminum and steel mosaic samples offer a modern shine and industrial touch as kitchen tiles and kitchen walls. Their resistance and contemporary appearance make them perfect for cutting-edge kitchens or minimalist bathrooms.

    Brilliant Mother-of-Pearl Mosaic: Immerse yourself in luxury with our mother-of-pearl mosaic tile samples. Their natural iridescence brings a refined elegance, ideal for luxury bathrooms or as elegant decorative elements in living spaces.

    Colorful Glass Mosaic: Explore versatility with our ceramic mosaic samples. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, they're perfect for adding a pop of color and personality to any space, from the playful kitchen to the cheerful bathroom.

    Each sample in our collection is an invitation to explore the endless possibilities of mosaic tiles. We encourage you to touch them, see them in different lights, and imagine how they could enrich your kitchen tile and bathroom tile spaces. Whether you're looking to create a relaxing atmosphere, a bold statement or an elegant focal point, our range of mosaic tile samples are designed to inspire and transform your vision into reality.

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